Hair Extensions: Change your World

Hair Extensions: Change your World

When it comes to our crowning glory, we as women demand only good hair days. That’s not always easy to accomplish, because everyone’s hair, its texture and condition all come into play. Maybe that is why famous models and Hollywood stars cheat just a bit, when it comes to having the perfect tresses.

The ideal head of hair is super shiny, manageable, thick and always head-turning, and if you can’t grow that kind of mane, hair extensions are the next best thing. Women of all ages wear them, and most of the time, you would never know, because they have matched their hair color and hair type with the perfect set of hair extensions.

Hair extensions are available in human hair and synthetic and come in at a wide array of prices and quality. Of course, the rich and famous will spend lots of money for the very finest in human hair extensions. Those of us who are not celebrities, also adore wearing some pretty faux hair pieces. You can still put on synthetic Eden Hair extensions and rock them with a natural look and confident attitude, and no one would know the difference.

Iconic model Christie Brinkley even wears extensions for those red carpet events, and they’re coming from her own hair extensions company, the Christie Brinkley Collection by Hair2wear. These are clip ins, made of easy care synthetic hair fiber that can be sprayed with styling product and even heated to arrange a certain look.

The blonde beauty always appears with stunning locks, but she was also hiding a tiny secret:

“It used to take a stylist hours to give me extensions, now it takes me two seconds. They’re so light and natural…I clip them on and forget they’re there. Instant volume. Instant glamour!” Brinkley says.

Hair extensions have truly revolutionized the way women style their tresses, giving freedom to the wearer. It’s so cool to imagine “growing” hair instantly in seconds and walking around with fabulous, glamorous, new hair.

There are all kinds of hair extensions, with some being applied by a professional stylist in a number of hours. Clip on extensions are the most affordable and easiest to wear.

Today, women look at their hair as a key fashion essential. Putting on hair is a wardrobe accessory.

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