rhfinc1.Fair for all involved in the family breakdown

2.Even 50/50 shared parenting. The only true balance.

3.Honest based on facts and relationships.

Fair Currently their too many victims caused by intervention from Goverment run insitutions like The Family Law Courts, Legal Aide and Family and Youth Services. The Richard Hillman Foundation is dedicated to seeking change through any means legally and politicly possible.

Even 50/50 Equal time, hands on Parenting. A default position apon separtion and the standard for final agreements where ever possible.

Honest To often desicisions are made based apon “He Said She Said” hear say and conjecture. Only provable statements backed by Police reports should be considered as evidenece. Individual evaluations of each family member and their relationship with others in the family is the only true way to rate parental suitablity.

Who needs to change? Family Law Court along with countless other Goverment funded bodies which interact with Australian families.

How To Bring about change?
Support RHF in it’s attempt to force change through political pressure and publicity of the plight of victims and their families.

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