rhfinc1.Fair for all involved in the family breakdown

2.Even 50/50 shared parenting. The only true balance.

3.Honest based on facts and relationships.

Fair Currently their too many victims caused by intervention from Goverment run insitutions like The Family Law Courts, Legal Aide and Family and Youth Services. The Richard Hillman Foundation is dedicated to seeking change through any means legally and politicly possible.

Even 50/50 Equal time, hands on Parenting. A default position apon separtion and the standard for final agreements where ever possible.

Honest To often desicisions are made based apon “He Said She Said” hear say and conjecture. Only provable statements backed by Police reports should be considered as evidenece. Individual evaluations of each family member and their relationship with others in the family is the only true way to rate parental suitablity.

Who needs to change? Family Law Court along with countless other Goverment funded bodies which interact with Australian families.

How To Bring about change?
Support RHF in it’s attempt to force change through political pressure and publicity of the plight of victims and their families.

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Hair Extensions: Change your World

Hair Extensions: Change your World

When it comes to our crowning glory, we as women demand only good hair days. That’s not always easy to accomplish, because everyone’s hair, its texture and condition all come into play. Maybe that is why famous models and Hollywood stars cheat just a bit, when it comes to having the perfect tresses.

The ideal head of hair is super shiny, manageable, thick and always head-turning, and if you can’t grow that kind of mane, hair extensions are the next best thing. Women of all ages wear them, and most of the time, you would never know, because they have matched their hair color and hair type with the perfect set of hair extensions.

Hair extensions are available in human hair and synthetic and come in at a wide array of prices and quality. Of course, the rich and famous will spend lots of money for the very finest in human hair extensions. Those of us who are not celebrities, also adore wearing some pretty faux hair pieces. You can still put on synthetic Eden Hair extensions and rock them with a natural look and confident attitude, and no one would know the difference.

Iconic model Christie Brinkley even wears extensions for those red carpet events, and they’re coming from her own hair extensions company, the Christie Brinkley Collection by Hair2wear. These are clip ins, made of easy care synthetic hair fiber that can be sprayed with styling product and even heated to arrange a certain look. http://edenhairextensions.com.au/pages/clip-in-hair

The blonde beauty always appears with stunning locks, but she was also hiding a tiny secret:

“It used to take a stylist hours to give me extensions, now it takes me two seconds. They’re so light and natural…I clip them on and forget they’re there. Instant volume. Instant glamour!” Brinkley says.

Hair extensions have truly revolutionized the way women style their tresses, giving freedom to the wearer. It’s so cool to imagine “growing” hair instantly in seconds and walking around with fabulous, glamorous, new hair.

There are all kinds of hair extensions, with some being applied by a professional stylist in a number of hours. Clip on extensions are the most affordable and easiest to wear.

Today, women look at their hair as a key fashion essential. Putting on hair is a wardrobe accessory.

Laser Tattoo Removal Sydney

The process of laser tattoo removal Sydney has made significant technological advances over the last decade. While doctors previously used salabrasion and dermabrasion to remove tattoos, advancements in technology have paved the way for laser tattoo removal treatments. Lasers leave little no scarring in the infected area, and patients feel less pain during the process.

Finding a quality Think Again laser tattoo removal Sydney specialist can be an overbearing process. Use the following tips to help you choose a doctor that’s right for you:

Government Certification

Sydney-based tattoo removal specialists must be certified by the Department of Health to use lasers for dermatology purposes.

Ask the specialist to see certification, or use the government database to search for certified specialists close to you. Doctors who aren’t certified to use a laser might fail to use the equipment properly and likely don’t carry the proper business liability insurance should something happen during the procedure.

Laser Removal Experience

Specialists who have just completed training in laser tattoo removal Sydney with little to no experience should be be avoided. Laser removal treatments are often complex and any issues that arise during the procedure can be handled by an experienced specialist because they can apply issues with previous clients to something that arise during your procedure.

The Type of Laser Used

Laser tattoo removal Sydney can be performed with a variety of different lasers. Not all lasers are approved for laser removal by the Department of Health. Ask what equipment they use and compare it with a list of approved medical devices from the department before you decide to use them for your laser removal procedure.

Verify the Process and Cost

If the laser removal specialist meets the other requirements, the final step is to ask about every step of the procedure, how long it will take to remove the tattoo and if they can prescribe any pain medication.

The cost of the actual procedure can be anywhere between $100 and $500 per session. Ask about their pricing structure and if there are any discounts currently available. Most specialists will offer some type of coupon or referral discount if you refer a friend or family member.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and its Relevance

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and its Relevance

One of the worlds most respected forms of combat is undoubtedly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A form of judo that has risen in the ranks as a renowned artful that effectively empowers a weaker body to evenly clash with a larger entity.

The effectiveness of this combat style encouraged the current trend and idea that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a master in its field and wielders of it have been able to establish concrete reputations after tremendous victories, spanning through a variety of competitions. One of the earliest signs of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be traced as early as 1909 with deep roots that were passed down closely from generation to generation further honing its effectiveness, eventually developing its ground combat style which grew to prominence near the end of the of the twentieth century.

Where most fighting styles encompass methods to bring an opponent to the ground, Brazilian Academy Jiu Jitsu excels at bring the opponent down and maintaining grip and control while on the ground, this is known as grappling. Due tot he fact that its core grew out of Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allows all techniques encompassed within Judo in order to bring down the opponent, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu takes it further by mastering the art of controlling the fight on the ground.

It’s no wonder why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has become a staple in modern mixed martial arts fighting competitions which primarily encompass some form of the art used in conjunction with another combat style to maximize proficiency.

Why Finding High Comfort Shoes Online is Important for your Health

Why Finding High Comfort Shoes Online is Important for your Health

Being mindful of your health is the best way to lead a long, fulfilling, and happy life. Most of us realize this and are always looking for new ways to be healthy when it comes to the things we eat, our exercise regimen, and the types of products we buy for our home. One area that a lot of people overlook is their foot health. Our feet are our foundation and should be treated with the same amount of care we give to the rest of our body. The best way to do that is by finding high comfort shoes online that’ll keep our feet in good condition throughout the rest of our life. Let’s take a look and see why having comfortable shoes from Homyped is so important.

They Cut Back on Painful Foot Corns
Shoes that aren’t well designed aren’t simply uncomfortable while we’re wearing them, as they can cause painful foot corns to develop, which are painful sores that pop up at points of contact. These often become so much of an issue that they have to be professionally treated and can take weeks to fully recover from. There are plenty of websites in place today that can help find high comfort shoes online to eliminate the problem of foot corns.

Comfortable Shoes Are the Foundation of Strong Joints
Any negative pressure on your feet is compounded because it causes pressure to be put on your legs, your knees, and your back. Wearing shoes that aren’t made well can lead to serious irreparable damage to your joints and back later in life, which is why it’s important to find good comfort shoes online, particularly if you spend a large portion of your day on your feet.

Comfortable Shoes Reduce the Risk of Surgery
It’s common for people who regularly wear poor quality shoes on a daily basis to experience a shooting like pain between their toes. This is a common condition called Morton’s Neuroma, which is a very painful condition that often requires surgery in order to find some relief. Finding and buying comfort shoes online can easily reduce the chance of obtaining this condition.